Rich Homie Quan – Replay

Previous Rich Gang rapper Rich Homie Quan opens a fresh out of the box new melody titled Replay which is slated to drop one week from now.

Monday’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors was an enormous festival of the class’ powerful female voices, yet Rich Homie Quan left the function with a noteworthy L after he overlooked the verses to The Notorious B.I.G’s. “Get Money” amid a Lil Kim tribute. Joey Bada$$ and a huge number of Twitter clients teased the rapper for his faux pas, which occurred in New York City no less, and Quan issued an expression of remorse, composing on Instagram, “Once in front of an audience I had some specialized challenges and should concede I got apprehensive. I will always be sorry to learn York, my fans, Biggie Small, Lil Kim, and all the Hip Hop people group for my execution.”

In any case, Quan isn’t exactly done getting flack, as The Game and Problem addressed TMZ about the bungle with a touch of doubt at how it even happened in any case. Diversion begins by smacking his brow with his palm, giving RHQ a “c’mon man” before saying, “That Biggie verse, that is our promise devotion to the banner. You can’t fuck that up. You know it.” The two West Coast rappers even reference the waterfront wars occurring at the time, recounting verses to the verse from memory with Game saying, “We shouldn’t realize that. Atlanta is somewhat nearer to New York than Compton and we realize that by heart.”

Issue hypothesized that “It appeared as he didn’t know he should do that that day” and concurred with Game that the error wasn’t vocation suicide, saying, “I got business with that man, and he’s a cool man.”

Time mends all injuries and it appears like Rich Homie is as yet going to get teased for the blunder yet at any rate Game and Problem are talking from a position of amiable fun here, having their companion’s back at last. With respect to the Twitter hashtags underneath, the same can’t exactly be said.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Quan – Replay

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